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Josefinelust – Discover Kullaberg’s finest beach

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The ferns rattle at our calves and the rocky steps down to the beach are many and quite high. But what awaits us down there is worth the effort. Here at Kullaberg, the views are great wherever you turn and Josefinelust is no exception. We are on our way to one of Skåne’s most beautifully located cobblestone beaches. Maybe even one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches?.

The path down to the turquoise sea

We stop for a moment on the way down to the beach and look out over Skälderviken. Are we still in Sweden? Really? The vegetation feels more exotic and lush and the sea feels unexpectedly clear and snorkel-friendly. Memories of rocky coastal strips along Highway 1 in California pop up. Or maybe Italy? It looks noting like Skåne’s cornfields and potato fields.

View of a white beach with clear blue sea
Exotic trees grow along the cliffs at Josefinelust

Josefinelust was made available to tourists as early as the middle of the 19th century, but the beach did not get it’s current name until 1865. The story goes that the Swedish King Oscar I visited the place with his queen Josefina and according to history she fell head over heels in love with this place. And that is how the beach got it’s name.

It is amazing how clear the sea is. On our last visit to the beach, boats had anchored just off the cliffs and a bunch of snorkels was seen breaking the water surface. Maybe the divers hoped to catch a glimpse of a large bluefin tuna or one of the many porpoises that live in Skälderviken. Or an occasional lobster.

Rocky beach with blue sea
Almost tropical plants by the sea in Kullaberg
Woman sitting on the beach in the sunshine

The best view of the area can be caught from the lookout point at the beach’s eastern cliff. Here, stairs easily take you to the top of the cliff. To dizzying slopes, fresh sea winds and great views that stretch all the way to the Bjäre Peninsula and Hallands väderö.

It is important to be careful on the slopes in Kullaberg and keep track of where you put your feet and wear the right shoes. Every summer, rescue helicopters circulate over Kullaberg to rescue people who have broken bones or fallen badly. Unfortunately, fatal accidents also happen and large parts of Kullaberg’s terrain are both inaccessible and unprepared. Although Josefinelust is easily accessible, it would be quite difficult to getback to the car park with a broken leg. 

Dramatic views with the sea and cliffs at Skälderviken
Steep cliffs down to the sea in Josefinelust
Man standing on cliff and looking out over the sea
You climb at Josefinelust

It’s not just salty swims and exotic views that make visitors walk all these steps down to the sea. Here at Josefinelust you can also find five caves. Fredrik VII’s cave (even the Danish king has been here), Stora & Lilla Josefinelustgrottan, Trollhålet and Oscarsgrottan. All the caves are considered to be relatively easily accessible. Some have been inhabited, others are in fact even furnished. You will find two of the caves (Stora & Lilla Josefinelustgrottan) on the beach, the others I have so far neither found nor visited.

You sit on a cliff high above the sea at Skälderviken


Josefinelust is located in Kullabergs nature reserve, at the far end of the Kulla Peninsula in Skåne. From the main road towards Kullen’s lighthouse, it is well signposted to Josefinelust and the car park. By the car park there is a rest area with toilets and windbreaks.

NOTE: The car park is not large and on sunny summer days it is often filled up already at 10 o’clock in the morning.

And by the way – remember that you have to walk all those stairs back to the parking lot…

Map to Josefinelust

People are sitting on a rocky beach at Kullaberg
Man and dog sitting on the beach in Kullaberg


Josefinelust offers incredibly beautiful baths, but the stones can be both slippery and difficult to walk on. If you want to swim – bring bathing shoes! Do you want to sunbathe? Bring a padded sun bed. There is a lack of even surfaces to lay a towel on.

The sea temperature? The waters of Skälderviken are often unexpectedly warm and the sea is often calm. The nearest sea temperature measuring station with sensors that broadcast live is a few kilometers away in Arild – here you can see the temperature right now.

The sea has formed the cliffs at Josefinelust
Rocks and turquoise sea at Josefinelust


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