Yosemite National Park, California

It should be mandatory for every California tourist to visit Yosemite. You won’t find the California sprit in Los Angeles, you’ll find it here. Among the granite cliffs, alpine meadows and curious bears.

Yosemite National Park / USA

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Bodie, California

In the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains, lies the abandoned ghost town Bodie. It feels like they all left in a hurry, and you are stepping back in time.

Bodie State Historic Park / California / USA

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Welcome to the desert, five star hotels, skyscrapers, beaches, souks and amazing food.

Dubai / United Arab Emirates

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British Columbia

British Columbia stole my heart, this supernatural beauty has something for every nature lover

British Columbia / Banff / Jasper / Canada

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Hua Hin, Thailand

In Hua Hin you won’t find white paradise beaches, but a lively thai city with great boutique hotels and amazing restaurants.

Hua Hin / Thailand

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Atherton Tablelands, Queensland

Atherton tablelands in Queensland is dotted with tea and coffee plantations, dairy farms, waterfalls and rainforest. A green area on the edge of the outback.

Atherton tablelands / Queensland / Australia

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Bandol, Provence

Early mornings in Bandol are full of life. Fishermen are cleaning their nets, people are buying veggies on the market and the boulangeries smell divine.

Bandol / Provence / France

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South Tyrol, Italy

Where the Alps are their most beautiful, the green fields and rugged mountains surrounds you.

South Tyrol / Dolomite mountains / Italy

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